Commenting on the rise in eco-friendly and sustainable investing, as reported in the Independent, Udit Garg, Head of Wealth Management of Sun Global Investments said:

“The rise in popularity in green stocks is part of a wider interest in responsible business. Consumers are increasingly drawn to businesses who demonstrate environmental and social responsibility and this green trend is also being reflected in their investment choices. 

Investors are conscious to seek opportunities in sustainability-oriented and/or fair trade companies and the demand for such conscious investing has risen considerably over the last couple of years.

Interest in the sector is not just from the investor’s side. With governments including the UK, France and India increasingly pledging to ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles and single use plastics in the next 25 years, investments in green stocks such as electric cars and alternative plastics make very prudent decisions with those industries set to grow over the next decade, whilst traditional consumables begin to decline.”

His comment was featured in Independent Online.

Latest Update: Nov 08, 2020