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Our Wealth Management division provides expert investment advice to a range of professional investors and family offices, with a focus on creating innovative solutions.

For many of our clients Sun Global is their personal CFO at the helm of their integrated financial world.

Wealth Management

Sun Global works with Pershing LLC – the BNY Mellon subsidiary – to provide clients with their own segregated client portfolio account enabling safer custody of client’s assets.

We also work with individuals and families’ existing relationships with Private Banks, or assist in creating new Private Banking relationships, which allows us to extend our scope of services as well as taking the hassle of managing multiple banking relationships from our clients’ shoulders onto ours.

Wealth Management also encompasses our Multi-Family Office which works with Ultra High-Net Worth and High-Net Worth families to invest for the long term. We take a fundamental focus on efficient planning of taxes, inheritance and structuring of assets with particular regard to those with non-domiciled status.

Sun Global has a number of strategic relationships with a variety of subject matter experts across accountancy, legal, and fiduciary and trust firms.


With respect to securities, Sun Global provides its Wealth Management clients with access to a global platform that covers capital markets, debt markets, currencies, commodities and real estate, offering advice on and investments in Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives and Real Estate along with Private Equity and Venture Capital investments.

Udit Garg
Wealth Management

Udit Garg has worked in the financial services industry for over 16 years.

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The key elements of the Wealth Management business are:

– Multi-Family Office
– Portfolio Management
– Investment Advice
– Lifetime Investment
– Inheritance Planning

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