Our Wealth Management division provides expert investment advice to a range of professional investors and family offices, with a focus on creating innovative solutions.

For all our clients Sun Global is their trusted professional partner at the helm of their integrated financial world.

Wealth Management

Sun Global works with key global intermediaries to provide clients with their own segregated client portfolio account enabling safer custody of client’s assets.

We also work with individuals and families’ existing relationships with Private Banks, or assist in creating new Private Banking relationships, which allows us to extend our scope of services as well as taking the hassle of managing multiple banking relationships from our clients’ shoulders onto ours.

Wealth Management also encompasses our Multi-Family Office which works with Ultra High-Net Worth and High-Net Worth families to invest for the long term. We take a fundamental focus on efficient planning of taxes, inheritance and structuring of assets with particular regard to those with non-domiciled status.

Sun Global has a number of strategic relationships with a variety of subject matter experts across accountancy, legal, and fiduciary and trust firms.


With respect to securities, Sun Global provides its Wealth Management clients with access to a global platform that covers capital markets, debt markets, currencies, commodities and real estate, offering advice on and investments in Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives and Real Estate along with Private Equity and Venture Capital investments.

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The key elements of the Wealth Management business are:

– Multi-Family Office
– Portfolio Management
– Investment Advice
– Lifetime Investment
– Inheritance Planning

Sun Global’s team boasts extensive knowledge and experience in most financial services sectors.

Particular expertise across Asset Allocation & Planning, Emerging Market Fixed-Income & Equities, Structured Solutions and Real Estate adds dynamism to the firm beyond most boutique investment houses.

Our Approach

We provide innovative and efficient investment strategies for our clients, understanding that in a competitive environment we need to go beyond standard solutions.

We always start by understanding our clients’ goals and investment needs, considering key factors in decisions, such as risk preferences, tolerance levels and carrying out rigorous analysis. This enables us to advise clients on the most appropriate investment solutions to meet their needs.


Our Market Footprint

Sun Global’s market experience extends to both developed and emerging markets, to offer clients a truly global solution for their investment strategies.


Asset Allocation & Planning

Today’s global markets are increasingly complex and volatile. Long-term trends can be difficult to differentiate from short-term fluctuations. Even experienced investors look for guidance and advice to meet their investment needs.

Sun Global is well positioned to handle complex client requirements. From access to global securities on an execution basis, or taking advantage of the wide reaching knowledge of our highly experienced team, to build and maintain a portfolio, clients worldwide come to Sun Global for bespoke asset allocation and planning.

Investment Compass
Asset Allocation Time Cycle

Innovation lies at the heart of our Investment Compass, a visual representation of market timing dynamics. As Victor Hugo once remarked – ‘one can resist the invasion of armies; one cannot withstand the invasion of ideas’.

The Investment Compass is created by our wealth advisory and investment management teams, as a guide to market conditions and strategic investment allocation.

Based on rigorous micro-analysis and our experienced macro-economic knowledge, the Compass measures what Sun Global’s asset allocation committee think of prevailing market conditions and where we suggest optimal asset allocation should be.

Markets do not remain static. With time, assets become more or less optimal investments, rotating around the clock-face to enter into the zones of Buy, Hold, Overweight, Underweight, Neutral and Sell.

The arrow at the top represents the present, to the left of the arrow are assets whose time have arrived; to the right are assets whose time has waned.


Emerging Markets

Sun Global Investments is one of the very few integrated, boutique investment firms with a focus on the emerging markets.

Sun Global has experience and knowledge across all emerging markets, providing a competitive advantage in discovering opportunities, tapping into accelerating growth strategies and delivering unrivalled value in this sector to our clients.

Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Sun Global is one of the leading wealth management and investment companies to offer dedicated emerging market debt investment strategies, which we offer alongside a comprehensive range of developed market strategies.

Emerging Markets Equities

Through incisive research backed by leading team expertise, we identify the macro and micro investment themes affecting emerging markets portfolios, in order to assess the most lucrative and risk-averse selection of stocks, most likely to generate high (relative) returns.

Structured Solutions

Sun Global Investments specialises in devising bespoke structured solutions for corporate and investor clients to find the best outcome for complex transactions.

By working closely with our clients, we work to devise innovative solutions to address particular problems and issues.

Our in-house structuring expertise can be supplemented with external legal and taxation expertise as required. Sun Global will at all times will be the interface to the Client and will co-ordinate the efforts of its in-house expertise and the external expertise and ensure that all transactions can be taken forward to a satisfactory conclusion .


Real Estate

Sun Global has a holistic approach to real estate investing. We understand and appreciate that real estate investing is fundamental to High-Net Worth Individuals’ portfolios, and real estate investments are looked to opportunistically within the context of the whole portfolio.


Beauchamp Capital seeks real estate investment opportunities with strong fundamentals such as superior site locations, competitive supply constraints, attractive demographics, maximum return and positive long-term growth prospects.

We identify and sift through a mirage of potential real estate investments with precision and invest in projects with potential, which can produce strong risk-adjusted returns. Our focus is always on understanding markets and project risks and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.

Investment 76%
Acquisition 50%
Development 65%
Marketing 40%

Our senior management is highly qualified with extensive acquisition experience, seasoned deal-making know-how, superior negotiation skills and market knowledge, which they leverage to benefit clients.

We have forged productive working relationships with expert professionals in the industry and consistently employ them to expedite timelines.

We actively seek relative value across the public & private, debt & equity commercial & residential real estate universe both domestically and overseas.

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