Sun Global’s structure is divided across three key divisions providing services to clients. Our open architecture allows us to work across our service divisions to offer an integrated approach to a client’s financial services requirements.

Beyond Sun Global, key relationships with large market players including multi-national banks and investment houses allow us to provide our clients with market leading products and services

Our Business


Investment Advisory

Economic research combined with in-depth market knowledge give Sun Global’s clients an ahead of the curve advantage.


Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team of senior professionals has advised on more than 250 transactions worldwide, offering valuable experience and an excellent track record in raising funds for various entities.


Securities Trading

Comprehensive global portfolio and single-stock trading services are provided by the team, along with pre-trade analysis, execution services, and post-trade evaluation consulting.


Leaders in Emerging Markets Investment

At Sun Global we quickly grasped the huge potential that exists in the emerging markets.

Beyond our India market specialism, our skilled and knowledgeable team, who together have over 100 years of industry experience, have also cut a dynamic path in other BRIC, MINT and other Emerging Market nations.

We continue to innovate and facilitate new investment opportunities for our clients to enter and tap this lucrative sector. We have forged a clear path to become a leader in opportunity-driven Emerging Market investments. We identify high-growth sectors and market-leading asset classes for a broad range of clients, including Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Corporate Clients and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

Giving Back To Society

We strongly believe that at the heart of a successful business there must be a call to action to give back to society. At Sun Global we are passionate about our CSR footprint, making us answerable to our clients as well as to the communities in which we live and work, be they global or local. We believe that true CSR is a constantly evolving process, and so we merge innovation with philanthropy in a mission to transform and enhance futures.

We invest in various philanthropic initiatives to promote quality education for underprivileged children, amongst them The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an Indian NGO providing a mid-day meal to 1.4 million Indian school children every day, and Pratham, one of the largest NGOs in India working towards the provision of quality education for slum children. We also support The Sanskriti Foundation, a charity committed to cultivating an environment for the preservation and development of artistic and cultural expressions in India.

We Think Global, Act Local

With a team of global experts that have their finger on the investor pulse, we constantly monitor the markets trends in over 50 countries. Our team has collated unique relationships with multi-sector stakeholders, which we leverage to help manage assets for our clients.

Passionate about fostering global and local connections, our reach extends to both developed and emerging markets covering all BRIC and MINT nations, the Indian Sub-Continent and wider Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North and South America, the UK and Europe.

We are Driven to Innovate for Clients

At Sun Global, innovation is at the heart of our vision. We constantly and consistently innovate, ensuring our clients are at the epicenter of the ever-changing investment landscape. We are not afraid to “think big and act wise” to provide bespoke, creative and cutting-edge investment solutions.


“From the onset, we were solely focused on the emerging markets. Having the emerging markets versatility helped us to develop better results for our clients; as they were doing better it encouraged Sun Global Investments to constantly stay one step ahead of the game by introducing new ideas. For those who were not involved in the emerging markets, thinking beyond the West was almost an afterthought to them.”

“We survived – the flipside was we sat through the biggest upswing – it was like a hockey stick change. Those who managed to survive were able to capture opportunities in the most volatile markets and earned the highest amount of money.”

“When the world was going zig during the financial crisis we were moving zag. It really made us think. We were able to find a niche for ourselves by not only doing things differently but thinking differently as well; by having a different voice, regulation and even down to our perspective of life, Sun Global Investments has become known in the industry as an ‘ideas factory’” says Mihir Kapadia - CEO/Director.