Investment Advisory & Management

Investment Advisory & Management provides research into the latest market movements and developments coupled with in depth analysis on longer-term trends and value propositions. Sun Global’s Asset Allocation Committee sits in this division.

Economic research combined with in depth market knowledge gives Sun Global’s clients an ahead of the curve advantage. Our ideas centric philosophy burns bright on product creation where we utilise relationships with structuring providers and investment managers to realise innovative investment solutions.

Investment Advisory And Management

Sun Global is an investment adviser to a number of funds across Fixed-Income, developed and emerging market equities, arbitrage, and multi-strategy funds.


The investment advisory team provides advice to Institutional Investors, Global Banks and Investment Houses on market access in harder to reach, emerging markets such as India.

Sun Global recently collaborated with the Mumbai based ZyFin Funds to create the World’s First India Fixed-Income ETF. This has for the first time enabled investors access to AAA rated Sovereign Owned Enterprises rupee bonds through a European listed entity.

Sanjiv Shah
Investment Advisory And Management

Sanjiv has over 25 years experience in the financial sector. He has worked for Bank of England, FSA, Paribas Capital Markets Group and Lazard Brothers & Co.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7290 6975

Market Watch

Sun Global’s Investment Advisory and Management Division specialise in:

– Asset Allocation
– Risk Mitigation
– Market Access
– Fund Advisory
– Global Asset Classes
– ETFs

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