Arup has spent over 30 years in the global banking sector. Arup started his banking career at Goldman Sachs in 1990, where he was a director in the convertible bond business. After 12 years at Goldmans, he founded and ran his own very successful boutique investment advisory firm in the city of London focussing on fixed income sales, origination and debt restructuring. His firm was particularly active in the area of Indian convertible bonds. He has also been an active investor and fund raiser in the tech space and currently sits on the boards of several companies and foundations. Aside from his business activities, Arup has been a regular guest columnist for various journals (Times of India, Economic Times) and ran a charity for 5 years. Arup was raised and educated in both the UK and India. Arup joined Sun Global in October 2022.

Latest Update: Nov 05, 2022